The Approach to Work

The nature of the engagement will vary according to the assignment – for instance, if it’s a short-term project working at the client’s offices or if it’s expected to run over a longer period with ad hoc advice being provided to the board or senior management.  There are, though, some common features to the work.


Press releases are never issued and no announcements are made in respect of engagements or completed projects.  No submissions are sent to reviews, surveys or rankings.

Ways of working

The objective is to meet the client’s requirements, which can mean working at the client’s offices for a period – alongside the client’s own staff – or providing advice as and when that’s sought.  Advice can be provided to supplement and support the expertise of the in-house legal and/or compliance teams or to specific business areas, the board or senior management direct.

Fee arrangements

Different projects require different fee arrangements.  Fixed fees, capped fees, hourly rates or day rates can be settled in advance, depending on the client’s preference, the nature of the assignment and the type and level of involvement that’s being sought.